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Top Things to Do in Cancun

Walking and Hiking Trails

Mexico is a country with a rich history that you can explore on your trip. Here's what to add to your list:

Natural Attractions

Cancun is a beautiful city with a lot to offer in terms of nature. These are the top natural attractions you need to see:

Day Trips

If you want to spend a day filled with fun and adventure, you can check out these day trips:

Questions About Staying in Cancun

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cancun is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. It is known for its bright blue beaches and tropical weather. In addition, it has wonderful air and land connectivity, so several tourists visit this city to explore and enjoy.

Cancun generally has beautiful weather. However, December to April are the best months to decide on a Cancun trip. You can expect a slightly warm atmosphere with a little bit of rain.

Zona Hotelera, also known as the Hotel Zone, is the ideal area for tourists to stay. This area is safe and bustling with life, especially in the months from December to April.

Cancun is a fun place to visit, but you need to be careful about the tap water in the region. It is not considered safe for drinking as it may cause stomach problems. Therefore, it is better to drink bottled water in Cancun only.

Cancun is not necessarily cheap, but there are several budget-friendly options available that you can choose from. For example, you can opt for hostels instead of hotels to save a few bucks.

The safest part of Cancun is the Hotel Zone. This area has a variety of hotels to suit different budgets. It is also a walkable part of the city that allows you to explore the area even better.

The average cost of a hotel in Cancun is Mxn 280 ($14 USD) per night. You can get cheaper or more luxurious hotels according to your budget. It is a family and student family destination, so you can explore various accommodation options.

No, you do not need to provide a vaccination certificate to travel to Cancun. However, it is better to avoid traveling if you have Covid. Getting a vaccine is an important part of traveling.

Cancun Cenote is one of the most attractive natural attractions in the region. It is a sinkhole that is surrounded by serene greenery. In addition, cenotes have a special place in Mexican culture due to their association with the Ancient Mayan religion.

Cancun is a pleasant city to navigate around. It has a balanced amount of urban landscape and nature. The Hotel Zone is one of the most walking-friendly areas in Cancun. It is a safe space. However, it is recommended not to walk around late outside the Hotel Zone.

Traveling to the Hotel Zone from the airport is possible by taxi or bus. Booking a personal cab is one of the most used options for travel in Cancun. The ride to the Hotel Zone is around 30 minutes and costs about Mxn 566 ($28 USD).

The best way to get around Cancun is by taxi or bus. Public transport is cheaper and safer. You can also rent personal vehicles in the city for an average of Mxn 152 ($7.5 USD) per day.

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