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Things to Do in Singapore

Walking and Hiking Trails

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. With amazing business hubs and trade centers, Singapore offers beautiful hiking and trailing experiences.. You can make the best of your hiking and biking experiences, and feel a pure vibe wherever you go. Here are the trails where you can go hiking and bike trailing in Singapore.

Natural Attractions

You might see skyscrapers, business hubs, and residential areas wherever you go in Singapore. However, the natural side of this clean country might surprise you. Check the following natural attractions that are highly maintained and increasing for the country’s residents and tourists.

Day Trips in Singapore

Here are some attractions you can enjoy in Singapore during the daylight.

Questions About Staying in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

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Holland Village is the preferred spot for first-timers as it’s the central hub of Singapore. Marina Bay and Little India are two alternatives, but they might be steep on your budget.

Yes. Singapore offers a variety of hostels for tourists with excellent services like clean dorms, free Wi-Fi, comfortable bunk beds, and tour guides. You can spend quality time with your traveling group in hostels and save more money.

Singapore is a global financial hub, making it highly valuable. This country is also one of the cleanest, with gardens and parks, like Singapore Botanic Gardens and Rain Vortex. You will also find the country’s airport highly advanced.

Singapore is an Asian country with the lowest crime rate. Residents and tourists feel safe while exploring the attractions and skyscrapers, even at night. There’s no issue regarding the safety of the citizens. Business owners and investors also often visit Singapore for corporate meetings and leisure time.

You can find cheap hotels at Paya Lebar and Mt. Emily, starting from S$109 ($80 USD) per night. Although these hotels charge less, you will get all the services included in the package. However, you might have to travel longer to reach central Singapore.

The average hotel rate in Singapore is S$150 ($111 USD). You might not find cheap accommodation in Singapore anymore because the country has increased its value from a tourism and business perspective. The country has also improved its security and ranked as the safest Asian country, according to the Global Peace Index.

You should visit Singapore between December and June as the rainy season will have less sunshine and more pleasant weather. However, hotel rates will increase due to increased tourism in these months. It is better to visit Singapore in the summer to avail yourself of budget-friendly deals.

Singapore offers a few free natural attractions, like parks and botanical gardens. However, you must pay the fees if you visit the floral heart of the botanical gardens to see the rarest flowers on this planet. Singapore also offers amazing architecture, like the iconic skyline and public art on the streets.

You need 3 days to explore Singapore completely, including skyscrapers, gardens, and parks. You can spend more time hiking and enjoying the waterfalls and tropical flora by investing 2 more days, making your itinerary 5 days.

Residents communicate in 4 common languages: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and English. You might also hear about Singlish, a blend of English and any other language. But don’t worry, as most Singaporeans can easily communicate in English.

You must book your hotel room at least 1 month before your arrival in Singapore. Since this country is progressing rapidly and one of the top tourist attractions in the world, tourists from all over the world visit Singapore.

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