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Things to Do in Istanbul

Walking and Hiking Trails

Like the ancient Turkish culture, Istanbul has also preserved natural attractions like Binklic Village and Polonezkoy Nature Park. There are some parts of the old forests that are now converted into public parks, while hikers and bikers can also explore most of Istanbul's green side.

Natural Attractions

Let’s talk about Istanbul’s famous natural attractions.

Day Trips in Istanbul

Istanbul has the following day trips that make your trip worthwhile.

Questions About Staying in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Questions

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Istanbul has plenty of residential and hotel areas, so you can easily find budget-friendly and quality accommodation. You can stay in Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Karaköy, or Galata for cheaper accommodation. The first two parts are close to attractions like Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, while the latter two are on the eastern peninsula with budget-priced hotels.

Yes. Istanbul offers multiple hostels for tourists, especially those who visit the city in groups. These hostels offer well-maintained, renovated, and mid-range accommodations. You will also find free Wi-Fi and breakfast in the same package.

Esenyurt is the least expensive location to stay in Istanbul. It’s located in European Istanbul’s western side with an attractive neighborhood.

Hagia Sophia, one of the Wonders of the World, is in Istanbul. You will also find aesthetic and dramatic architecture in public places, mosques, and assembly points. Another amazing thing about Istanbul is that this city lives on the European and Asian continents.

Yes. You can safely roam Istanbul without any fear, especially during daylight. You can easily switch between Istanbul’s metropolitan and historic districts by crossing a bridge on foot. Although it’s a sprawling city with so many hills and lows, walking around is the preferred option.

The average hotel rent in Istanbul is ₺913 ($49 USD) for mid-ranged hotels. You will find luxurious options around ₺17,073 ($916 USD) and cheap accommodations around ₺316 ($17 USD) per night.

You should book a hotel in Istanbul in advance at least three nights before your arrival. Due to the city’s hustling and crowded nature, you might get confused once you enter the hotel zone. Booking your hotel early before your arrival will also help you grab a good bargain.

Yes. Istanbul offers multiple free attractions that help you enjoy every moment of exploring the historical city. For example, Topkapi Palace gardens, like Gülhane Park, are open to the public and provide beautiful scenery. Kapali Carsi, or the Grand Bazaar, is another free attraction that is the world’s oldest covered market, built in the 15th century.

Tourist experts believe 3-5 days are enough to explore Istanbul fully. If you are interested in historical places, 5 days are more than plentiful. Else, you can complete your trip to Istanbul in 3 days if you are not interested in Turkish culture and history.

It’s best to visit Istanbul from November to March. The season is pleasant, and you can easily walk around the city without getting scorched by the sun.

For men, t-shirts and trousers or shorts are acceptable while roaming the city. Women must dress respectfully to appreciate Turkish culture. However, tourists must dress according to the code before entering the mosque. Although there are no regulations in the city, you must respect Turkish culture and enjoy their dress during your stay in Istanbul.

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