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Top Things to Do in Bangkok

Walking and Hiking Trails

If you want to explore the natural beauty and urban landscape of the city, Here is where to go:

Natural Attractions

Here are some of the most scenic natural wonders of Bangkok:

Day Trips in Bangkok

Pattaya is a small village near a beach that is now filled with hotels, bars, and cafes. Since it is the nearest beach to Bangkok, it receives a lot of tourist attention. This sandy area also has two temples known as "The Sanctuary of Truth" and "Wat Phra Yai Temple."

Questions About Staying in Bangkok

Frequently Asked Questions

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Bangkok Riverside and Sukhumvit are some of the best areas to stay in Bangkok. They are some of the most developed and beautiful areas of the city. However, if you are on a budget, Khao San can be your ideal option.

Yes, Bangkok offers accommodation in hostels in different parts of the city. They are cheaper than hotels but offer nice, cozy rooms, breakfast, and other facilities to improve your experience.

Bangkok is not famous for being walkable. You can walk the streets for a short distance, but people prefer taking taxis to travel farther destinations. Moreover, their walking environment is not completely developed. Therefore you can notice a heavy usage of vehicles.

No, tipping your taxi driver is not required in Bangkok. However, if you are impressed with their service, you can always give a little extra.

Sukhumvit is one of the best areas to stay in Bangkok, especially if you are a first-time visitor. It has street Soi 11, which is Bangkok’s party street. Moreover, Sukhumvit also has several dining and clubbing options.

A minimum of four to five days are enough to explore the beautiful city. There are several activities that you can do within a day. You can also include day trips that already cover several sports and activities.

Riverside, Silom, and Sukhumvit are the safest neighborhoods in Bangkok. You can find security guards, walled communities, and high-end hotels in these areas.

The average per night hotel price in Bangkok is ฿840 ($25 USD), which is fairly affordable considering all the facilities provided by the hotels. You can also get per-week packages from hotels with a discount.

Bangkok is an exciting and vibrant city, offering a wide range of attractions to keep visitors entertained. The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok.

The palace is an impressive complex of temples and buildings that served as the home of the former Thai royal family. Wat Phra Kaew is considered the spiritual heart of Thailand and houses the Emerald Buddha, a highly respected Buddha image.

The best time to visit Bangkok is between November to February. This period is known as the “cool season” Since Bangkok is a tropical area, months after February become quite hot and draining.

Visit the top five places in Bangkok, which are Wat Arun Temple, Grand Palace, The Buddha Temple, Bangkok Canal Tour, Chao Phraya River, and Bangkok Flower Market.

The best way to explore Bangkok is by Skytrain and metro. These transportation services will help you reach your destination quicker and at an affordable rate than hiring a taxi.

There is no hard and fast rule for the time of your hotel booking. However, you can book your hotel five to six days ahead for your satisfaction.

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